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We are building a community of student thinkers that can help SMBs grow online.

The students who go through the GetVirtual curriculum receive hands-on internship experience working with real businesses. To further support students, this course is free to students of any California public college such as UCs, CSUs, and CCCs.  

It’s also a MOOC. Join us in our Coursera Course - GetVirtual: How to Launch Your Online Business

Acquire new skills. Make an impact.

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'The bright and vivacious GetVirtual spectrum I entered shaped me into a better project manager, and helped me enhance communication as well as organizational skills. I am forever grateful for what this opportunity offered me, and how it contributed to my personal, professional, and academic growth while giving back to the community around me.'

Elena Osain

'This program provided me with valuable skills and prepared me professionally for the real world.'

Ananya Misra

'It’s hard for me to even put into words how fortunate I feel to be given the opportunity and resources to pursue my dream at UCSC. I hope that other future UCSC entrepreneurs will be able to share the same experiences and opportunities that were provided to me in the future.'

Garrett Vick

'Through the social responsibility and entrepreneurship classes, I have grown as a professional, entrepreneur, and humanitarian while simultaneously giving back to a place I consider home.'

Nikki Cherukuthota

'Taking entrepreneurship classes opened up infinite doors of opportunity for me and has shaped my journey at UCSC'

Smeet Mehta

'Working with companies in different industries has given me a peek into operations of how businesses are run. The classes have helped me approach problems in new ways, and find solutions that leave a long lasting positive impact.'

Anagha Vijay

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